I remember majority of 2014 when I started seeing this hashtag all over my instagram feed: #BlackLivesMatter. A lot of these posts and hashtags came from Black students who are apart of the African/Black Student Alliance(ABSA) at UCSC.  Side note: they are all my friends since they are on my instagram feed. Anyways! I remember I went with a few of my friends to a candle vigil to support everything that was going on around the world with police brutality, deaths, but also the racism the students in ABSA faced on campus. I heard different experiences, I saw many cry about what they are scared of and how they were scared for their own family and siblings back home. It was a eye opener to me because I was not aware any of this was going on on campus but this was not only happening at UCSC it was all over the world, especially with the different UC’s as well. This hashtag is being used to let those be aware of what is going on in the black community. I also have observed many angry people saying, “all lives matter” or why is there a specific hashtag for one race.I saw this all over the internet on Twitter, facebook statuses and Instagram. This particular hashtag I feel is just letting people know the different events that has build up to support this hashtag.

But anywhere I see the hashtag, there is always another race being pulled or a comparison.

On facebook:




On Instagram: This is from the ABSA Instagram. I really liked the message they wanted to give to everyone on campus.



I just feel like that individual hashtag should be respected. Nothing should be said unless it is about a specific event why that hashtag is provided with the picture or event.
What is your own opinion on this hashtag?

-Cindy Tran


One thought on “#BlackLivesMatter

  1. I also wrote about #BlackLivesMatter. I do agree that this hashtag should be respected as well. I believe the only reason why people bring up other races and refer it to #AllLivesMatter, is because they do not understand the injustice that blacks go through. Personally, yes, all lives do matter, but I don’t think it would be a legitimate stance to say that if we have not experienced what the black community has experienced.


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