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On January 14, 2016, a beloved actor among many people passed away. Alan Rickman was known for being Prof. Snape in the Harry Potter films, Hans Gruber in Die Hard and much more. Upon his death #AlanRickman was trending in which people would thank him for his great work. Just like how recently David Bowie had passed away, Alan Rickman was all over social media making people ask why we had to lose two great people in a span of four days.

Alan Rickman’s peers would say that he was a great man to be around and that he always lightened up the mood with his sense of humor. I know that he had a huge impact on my generation with the Harry Potter movies and that will never change. #AlanRickman trending worldwide showed that he was an actor people cared about and respected. And that should never be forgotten.


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One thought on “#AlanRickman

  1. I totally agree with this man having an impact on society. When I was in elementary school I read all the Harry Potter series and when the movies came out I was so excited. I know I never really knew him as a person but he was such a great actor in the Harry Potter movies that I felt so sad when I heard the news. RIP Alan Rickman


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