Hashtag is a fairly new thing in the Internet world. It only appears in the past few years; however, it is one of the most used things on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and etc. Why are so many people using hashtag? Hashtag has the power to bring attention toward a certain ongoing issue but are those attentions aimed toward the issue or personal use?

I believes many people had at least saw the hashtag Black Lives Matter also known as the BLM once in their internet career but how many people actually know the story behind it. This hashtag begin when George Zimmerman a neighborhood watch coordinator shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin. This hashtag had been going crazy on the Internet world for a while, just like any other trending topic people retweet, repost, like and share on social media. Even though this hashtag was able to bring awareness about the issue to the public but not everyone who share, tweet, repost, and like the hashtag know what is actually going on. Many people use hashtag as a way to increase their like or increase attention on social media. Are the attentions the hashtag receiving positive or negative? Do those people know what #BlackLivesMatter is for?



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