We all know that the Powerball got to an all time high of $1.5 billion. There were plenty of people who went online to discuss what they would do with that amount of money. Some ideas were absolutely ridiculous, while some actually made you think about the possibility of actually winning. I would have loved to win that much money, but that comes with the responsibility of what to do with that much money. Wednesday night, someone actually won that money, while that much of been amazing to finally not have to worry about money, it was also a disappointment to a lot of people. The probability of actually winning the Powerball is 1 in 175,223,510. That is a huge number; it’s hard to believe that someone might actually win the $1.5 billion. After all the talk of the Powerball, it’s hard not imagine what I would do with that money. There are so many different ways to spend that much money, but in this society, it might not take that long.


One thought on “#IfIWonPowerball

  1. I wonder if these tweets are accepting that money can buy happiness or if they mock a naive individual that makes rash decisions. But besides the consumers of lottery tickets, there seems to be an underlying puppeteer that convinces individuals to buy into the unfavorable chance of winning that amazes me. Or it could just be done by habit? Repeating a parents/role model’s choices? Whatever the reason may be, as great suffer, debt, and injustice expands throughout the world, people continue to spend their money on the lotto. If you were offered the chance to spend a dollar on a lotto ticket or on a charity donation, which would you chose?


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