On September 14, 2015, Ahmed Mohamed, a fourteen year old high school student in Texas, was suspended from school and arrested when his teacher mistakenly thought his homemade science project was a bomb. A picture of Ahmed in handcuffs went viral, and thus the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed was born. People from all over the world used this hashtag to bring awareness to the issue of profiling and to show their support for Ahmed.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and Google were among the people who showed support for Ahmed:

Many social media users used #IStandWithAhmed to share their disgust for the way Ahmed was treated:

Some expressed outrage for the racism and Islamophobia in this incident:

Others shared photos of themselves with clocks to show solidarity for Ahmed:

However, many users were also not surprised by the blatant discrimination Ahmed faced. There have been far too many incidents where people have experienced unequal treatment due to their race, religion, and/or gender. Maybe this will all change one day. Maybe change will happen one hashtag at a time.


One thought on “#IStandWithAhmed

  1. It is very sad to think that our future is heading in the direction where people are discriminated and treated so unfairly. The truth is that I think that anyone and everyone will not stop judging other people by the way that look. It is just apart of society. Like we were talking about in class, treating people by the way we look, is another social construction that we have brought upon ourselves. The hashtag you chose is bring awareness to the social media community that lives through their phone or computer. I believe that hashtags and images like these bring the right kind of awareness to society.


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