For a while now, I’ve noticed this particular hashtag #LoveThySelfiePledge has been circulating the web.The first time I saw this hashtag was about two months ago on Instagram when I noticed a famous celebrity had posted a photo of herself with the hashtag #LoveThySelfiePledge. I noticed in the description that this celebrity had been challenged to do the #LoveThySelfie challenge by one of her family members. In addition, she also included a brief description of what the challenge was about. Apparently the challenge was created in order to promote self love and to remind people to always love themselves, no matter what the social standard of beauty may be.   When I clicked on the hashtag I noticed a variety of photos, including people without makeup on, plus size women in swimwear, and people simply showing appreciation for who they are. Screenshot_2016-01-14-18-25-18

I believe that this is a great pledge and that as humans, love is the most powerful of emotions we could ever feel. We each deserve to love ourselves and take time to appreciate who we are as individuals. Not only does this help improve our self confidence, it also teaches us to love our “flaws.” This pledge not only helps empower people, it also helps us come closer to the person we want to be.


2 thoughts on “#LoveThySelfiePledge

  1. This is a really cool movement! I love the fact that it takes the negative stigma of narcissism away from the whole selfie culture thing and turns it into something positive. It’s a totally uplifting thing to see so many people openly appreciating themselves and how they look in a society that profits off of our continued self-doubt.


  2. I think this pledge is really inspirational. We should be able to be confident for who we are and embrace ourselves. I hope this hashtag circulates more or more hashtags like this one come up. I think that we always overlook who we are as people and all our strengths. We should really start to appreciate ourselves. I think the #lovethyselfiepledge is a great movement towards self empowerment and self confidence.


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