This hashtag #OscarsSoWhite2.0 represents the lack of diversity in the nominations for the 2016 Oscars. Not only does it show what the present Oscars nominations are like, but that has also happened before. People add “two-point-ohs” to signify that something is the same all over again. For example, the community college where I live is called Beverly 2.0 alluding to my high school. Because so many of the students  at my high school, after graduating, attend that community college and it is like they never really left high school. #OscarsSoWhite2.0 is similar to this situation. In the past the Oscars academy has been know to only nominate white actors. The same actions of last year is happening all over again.  The image above goes along with both the hashtag #Oscars2016 and #OscarsSoWhitw2.0 . The image was originally a GIF from the show Galavant, showing a white character pushing the two other non-white characters out of the way to be in the spotlight. It shows the public an over simplified, but a good way to understand what is happening in a current event such as the 2016 Oscars. Some may believe that the hashtag calls attention to the mistake the Oscars academy has made yet again and adding the funny image calls attention to a more serious situation at hand…the lack of diversity in the nominations. Even more general it draws our attention to the lack of diversity in such a public event that most people watch and praise.

Jessica Fischman


One thought on “#OscarsSoWhite2.0

  1. I think this was very important to write about, they way you presented it by explaining an image seen by many. The way you explained that this image doesn’t seen like much, but a comedy bit has an underlying problem that should be fixed in society!


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