The hashtag #IAmMoreThan was started by Kylie Jenner and is being used to start an anti-bullying campaign. Kylie Jenner, being a part of the Kardashian family, has always been in the medias eye and has gone through quite a bit of bullying herself. For instance the hashtag that was started, #KylieJennerChallenge, which made fun of young Kylie’s lips. Well it seems that after all she has been through Kylie finally decided enough was enough and changed it up a bit. However, unlike some famous people who decided to argue back against hurtful comments, Kylie took a positive approach and started a trending hashtag. Through this hashtag millions of people all around the world have been able to share their bullying stories, and not only help themselves, but help others know that you are never truly alone. Not only did she start the amazing trend but she took the time to meet with and share the stories of six incredible bullying survivors. The #IAmMoreThan hashtag has got to be one of the most amazing ones created because it gets the stories out of those that have held it in so long, and helps those that are being bullied know that there are others out there with similar battles, and that it is time that something be done to change that.

Some of the stories:


Erika Lua



2 thoughts on “#IAmMoreThan

  1. Hi Erika,
    I really like how you used this hashtag. This was a hashtag that I was not aware of, but I now that I have been exposed to it, it has opened my mind more. As someone who grew up in a place where bullying was minimal, I never had to really experience or watch the struggles of a kid being bullied. Therefore, bullying is a completely foreign subject to me. And despite my ignorance, every day there will be posts about someone being bullied. Through these posts, I understand that bullying is, and will probably always be, a problem. There must be a way to prevent this, but before we ever find a solution, bullying will always arise in our society.


  2. I also grew up in an area where bullying was fairly minimal. However, when I’m online, I always hear about or read about stories of bullying so it’s nice to see people using this hashtag to come together and to let others who may be in similar situations to know that they’re not alone. It’s also nice to see people with high profiles use their influence for something positive.


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