We are each entitled to our perspective and voice on things in life. We, as individuals have freedom of speech and should be able to voice our actions as we need.

I came across a page on Instagram a couple weeks back called @Societyfeelings. The images they had were truly very deep. Each and every single one of them had so much meaning. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And many of the images truly did mean a thousand words or more. The page has over 4 million followers and updated frequently. With a very large following, it’s really interesting to see all images and the background meaning to each picture. From motivational or inspirational quotes to shocking images that tell inside truths, many #societyfeelings come out. Each one is unique and represents a social issue around our society. They have really opened up my eyes to things I never really thought about.

We as everyday busy people don’t think much about the way our society is constructing us. We give in so much to social media and societal pressures to try to become the “the perfect being.” But in reality, we should really think about who we are as people and how we can give back to society in a positive way. We don’t need to try to be “perfect.” No one is perfect. Each one of us are unique and special in our own ways and we should be able to stand up for ourselves through our voice. We don’t need to be afraid to stand up and stand out.

The #societyfeelings hashtag is also being used my millions of people all over the internet and many social media platforms. It is used to represent many of our feelings as a society. It can vary from something deep to even something funny or emotional. It’s how you, as an individual, decide to portray each presentation.

There is a strong use of pathos to present the audience over various platforms of the many social constructs that we don’t see. I decided to choose this hashtag because I thought it was something that everyone can relate to in some kind of way. There is so much we can all take in and I really encourage you all to look into some of the images and tweets represented through #societyfeelings.

Here are some of the images that #societyfeelings represent:

#societyfeelings #societyfeelings #societyfeelings #societyfeelings #societyfeelings #societyfeelings


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