After much consideration and uncertainty, I’ve decided to share with you all this hashtag: #WasteHisTime2016. I wonder what this hashtag tries to accomplish myself because of its brutality and “Eye for an eye” approach to feminism.

As a response to #WasteHerTime2016, which fed male ego’s among social media, women sought to switch the roles with #WasteHisTime2016. The intention was apparently to treat men the way that they treat  women. I will agree that some of these tweets bring awareness and a powerful message of the injustice and degradation of women, and some don’t.


While women empowerment and feminism has gained support throughout the years, there are many actions like this one that take place in an attempt to gain equality among the sexes ineffectively. This hashtag polarizes groups that ironically should unite to deconstruct social limitations. This is a perfect example of how feminism quickly gains the stigma of exclusion and shy’s away from the real intention of feminism. It’s common for people to misinterpret Feminism as solely empowering women. However, because of the gap between gender equality, women have yet to reach the same social rights as men. That which will not progress by bringing men down. Awareness of this fact is necessary for the sexes to come together to challenge social constructions and recognize injustices.

Leave him hanging at the altar.

Seeing as this hashtag brings a violent and aggressive verbal attack on male’s, I thought of the violent aspect from Paulo Fiere’s Pedagogy Of The Oppressed (#SorryNotSorry) that we discussed in class: It is not the oppressed who initiate violence but rather the oppressor, yet the oppressed is blamed for it. In this case, I would consider the oppressors to be the individuals that initiated the #WasteHerTime2016 hashtag and the oppressed to be those whom use the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016. It was a surprise when women reacted to the #WasteHerTime2016 hashtag with #WasteHisTime2016 which then reacted in a demeaning response by some men (excuse the vulgarity):

Screenshot (2).png

Reactionary responses from both ends makes me question whether we accomplish anything by bickering. Are we actually permitting one another from societal progress and equality? Or was this simply a true response to misogyny that got out of hand?

-Marlene Gadea

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One thought on “#WasteHisTime2016

  1. This is a really comical yet serious hashtag. I agree that women should be standing up for their individuality and have the confidence to make the same sexist remarks to men that they make about women. There is too much ignorance among young people today and it has started to create a lot of boys and girls instead of men and women.


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