Innocence taken from the Innocent


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3 thoughts on “Innocence taken from the Innocent

  1. Honestly all I could think of was Honey Boo Boo and how the pageants girls want to be in pageants, until the parents push them to their limits. I think it’s pretty accurate, it’s going to be normal for girls to wear make up like the older girls, but it’s different when it comes to the way they dress (kind of like the one in the yellow). I especially think that in the end, it depends of the child because we do have to remember they’re still growing even though they might not act like it.


  2. I think you did a really good job showing how young girls think they have to look a certain way from a very young age. I believe the “blame” falls upon parents and society. Parents put pressure on young girls to join these pageants that they probably do not fully understand and are somewhat forced to act a certain way. Society puts pressure of young girls as well as young adults to look a certain way/be skinny and pretty.


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