Selfie Culture/Self Love























2 thoughts on “Selfie Culture/Self Love

  1. This post shows how the selfie culture changed our society. I felt the selfie culture is changing how young girls (and boys) view themselves. Due to social media like Instagram, Facebook, and etc. young girls (and boys) are influence by those selfies. They want to look like the people in those selfie, which caused them to change themselves or feel self conscious about themselves. They shouldn’t felt that way because everyone is perfect the way they are. Plus, most of those pictures online aren’t original pictures. We should not spread false information for our younger generation. How many of those selfies are actually real pictures (people without photoshop or filters)?


  2. I like how you took the idea of taking selfies to meaning self love. When someone takes a selfie it is because they like how they look or they are satisfied with who they are and what they look like at the moment which I think is healthy. Self love is important in life and taking selfies is a perfect way to express that.


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