Angela Davis: 1972

Angela Davis

Language is not just a different way of speaking ie. Spanish, Hewbrew, German, ect. Language holds the power to change the way people act. Angela Davis talks about violence as literacy. The reporter starts of with a question of the Black Panther Party and she explains that the BPP is still active. She tells us that when we think of revolution we think of violence and when we think of violence we automatically think physical violence. What we should be thinking of are the words that can be just as hurtful and harmful as physical violence. She shares an anecdote about when she was living in Alabama, the person that was in complete control of the city government at the time Bull Connor, would go on the radio and announce to everyone that black people, more explicitly “niggers”, have moved into a white neighborhood and that they better expect bloodshed. Just by saying this, there was bloodshed. Publicizing the bloodshed that was expected, set everything into action. It was not the action that started it all, it was the words that triggered this action or so called violence.  This is actually a form of pathos, which appeals to our emotions though a personal anecdote.   Violence as literacy is very much a true statement because words can influence the people’s actions.

-Jessica Fischman


One thought on “Angela Davis: 1972

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I like how you compare the different languages that people speak with how it can determine people’s interactions with each other.

    You also give a lot of good details about violence from Angela Davis’s prospective and experience. In addition, you also explain different views of violence as well.

    I really liked your blog post! It was short and straight to the point. I understood everything very well.
    – Cindy Tran


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