Angela Davis and Violence

In Angela Davis’ interview she talks about the type of violence she has seen in her younger days. She is amazed by the way that people ask about The Black Panther Party and how it is associated with violence, how all people think about revolutions is about the violence and not about what they are trying to spread and helping people. Davis wants people to understand that being in a revolution doesn’t mean that violence has to ensue. She wants people to understand that the party just wants changes for their community and for African Americans to not be looked down upon. She believes that the was the party was formed was because of the growing violence to African Americans and that it finally needed to stop. Davis says that the real revolution is in the principles and the goals that they strive for, not the violence itself.

The Black Panther Party wanted to challenge the way police officers worked and the brutality of those officers. This party was undermined every step they took and the president thought that the party was one of the biggest threats to national security.The Black Panther Party was criticized and praised by different ends of the spectrum. They created their own politics to persuade people to join and help fight their battle. They carried around loaded guns to make sure that officers behaved and treated everyone equal. The party also through rallies and gave speeches to show the public what they were all about.


One thought on “Angela Davis and Violence

  1. I like how you emphasized that the party’s primary goal was to create change, and that violence was just the instrument they used to do so. Thanks for sharing!


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