Angela Davis on Revolution

Angela Davis was interviewed in 1972 talking about revolution and the one of the first things that was brought up was if a revolution needed violence to change thing? Angela Davis responds with “when you talk about a revolution most people think violence” and she goes on to say that revolution is based on the principles you are trying to bring to light. The language used in this interview is already in a negative way shown by the person interviewing Angela Davis by bringing up violence and relating it to revolution. The person interviewing Angela already thinks of revolution and violence as the same thing. She goes on to say that violence is already imbedded within our society, and that also shows that people are already expecting violence as a reaction. Angela uses anecdotes to show how she saw violence everyday in her neighborhood, and she uses pathos in relation to them. The language shaped by violence shows how powerful language can be, and shows that in a way it can shape our society today to use less violence in our language.When searching for black panther party there was negative language to describe the party. The one main idea that they centralized the black panthers on was violence. They mainly put things about how the black panthers were a dangerous group for the FBI, but they did not mention some of the good things the party would do like community health clinics and community social programs until the very end.


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