In Ms. Angela Davis’s interview, something that really stood out me is her past. She talks a lot about how during her time, she would constantly hear gunshots and explosions outside her house, which followed with awful shaking and loud sounds. As someone who has had the privilege to live in very safe and peaceful areas, I have no idea about what kind of difficulties that occur outside my bubble. This is where this idea of representation emerges. For people like me, I think life is represented by what I see. Life revolves around a stress-free environment where I can eat three meals a day, go to school every day, and spend quality time with my family. However, if I were to view what life should be represented through Ms. Angela Davis’s eyes, I would probably consider life as something where you are constantly on the lookout, because one false turn can lead to turmoil.

When I search “Black Panther Party” I see a lot of fluctuating viewpoints. Some are positive and some are negative. This shows that the Black Panther Party is a very controversial group of people, where there motives can be seen through many different opinions.

The way they portray the Black Panther Party is through the usage of photos and images. These images also provide a different kind of personality. Most of the photos are black and white, and give off this eerie aura, while also giving us a sense of how long the Black Panther Party has been around.


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