Violence and Language



According to Angela Davis, most people will think about violence if they were to think of revolution. During most revolution, it’s more about the outcome instead of how those goals are reach. It is more about outcome instead of the process. Most people do not want to use violence; however, they are forces to use violence as a form of protection. Davis stated, growing up her father have to use a gun for protection because they don’t know what can happen. Growing up Davis saw many unfortunate events like bombing and violent. One form of violence is the usage of language. Often time, these unfortunate events happen because of language. Language causes misunderstand. The use of language can convince people to do unbelievable things such as bombing and uses of violence. Language is the most powerful part of violence.


The Black Panther Party was found for self-defense. According to Marxists, the Black Panther Party was fought to establish revolutionary socialism. Like how Davis stated in Talking about Revolution, there were many police officers that are white and back in the day racism is a huge thing. Many African American were stop for no reason. There are also different attacks going on; like for example, the bombing Davis was talking about in the documentary. The Black Panther Party lost hope in the peaceful approach because it is taking too much time.


One thought on “Violence and Language

  1. I think you did a great job explaining more about the Black Panther Party and tying that into Davis’s own personal story. But I think you should elaborate more on the use of rhetoric and tie them into your examples.


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