Angela Davis and Violence


Angela Davis says, in the interview, she finds it very interesting when someone asks her a question about violence and what she thinks about the way the Black Panther Party uses it for their revolution. She says it’s interesting to her because that question tells her that the person asking is clueless on what black people had to go through while living in America and with racist people. Davis explains that the whole point of a revolution is not for the violence but for the principles of what the violence is for. Violence is just the only way the Black Panther Party is able to show their reaction towards racism. Violence is the only language they can use to get people’s attention since that was the way those black peopleĀ had grown up their whole lives. In other words, the Black Panther Party uses violence as their way of communicating to the world what they want. Just like how someone would text or call someone else. The end goal is the same, to just get their point across and to be heard.


One thought on “Angela Davis and Violence

  1. I agree with your points of violence being the way the BBP has to speak to show that they mean business. At the end of the day it seems like that is the only why they can be heard so it seems like to be heard they have to speak the same language that America has been speaking to them, which is through violence. Great point!


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