Angela Davis Interview on Revolution


In the 1972 interview with Angela Davis, “Talking about Revolution,” she discusses the issues that surround the idea of violence in a revolution. More importantly, violence as a language. David discusses how she grew up with violence all around her, and even shares a personal experience on how her father would always have to carry a gun with him in case they were ever attacked. It seems ironic to Davis that the first thing people think about when they think of a revolution, is violence. It is clear to her that people who think of this do not get what a revolution is and have not been around violence enough to know the difference. Violence as a literacy helps us separate the meaning of it and the action of it or when it is applied. Additionally, Davis addresses the misconception of the Black Panther Party(BBP) as being an inactive and violent group. The BBP is a group of activist that were active between the years of 1966-1982 and would protect the people, especially African Americans, against police brutality or help give back to the people in need like feeding children. Pathos is used to discuss the group because Angela, discusses the good this group has done and uses emotion to express it.



One thought on “Angela Davis Interview on Revolution

  1. I agree with your connection between violence and language and how the principles are of that violence is what really matters. Violence is a way of communication that unfortunately many people know, but that is life.


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