Angela Davis; Powerful

During a prison interview in 1972, Angela Davis, who was a powerful African American civil rights activist shares her opinions and experiences about violence. The man who is interviewing Davis comments on how The Black Panthers were more active before then now. Davis mentions how active the Black Panthers were and how they wanted to form a revolution. What sparks a question in the interview is, “Do you get to revolution by violence?” Giving her own perspective, Davis talks about her own experiences on why many Black people would want to turn to violence because society is already a part of that cycle. She uses a type of language, pathos to describe how she never felt safe when she left her house, cops always questioning her, the different types of violence her community had to experience.

Violence is literacy according to Davis because anyone can be a part of it with weapons, words or confrontation. To many who are not Black view the Black Panther as a threat and only bring violence upon others. However, everyone does not realize that violence is already built into society.This might shape our understandings and relationship to language because everyone will always go through life experiencing different things that create many emotions.

When I googled Black Panther Party, of course the latest news is talking about how former Black Panthers react to Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. I see different images of the members. Everyone has their own opinion on how the Black Panther Party has either made a difference or hurt society more. From what I also searched on the web, it talked about the weapons used and also about the real message of creating the Black Panther Party.


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