Angela Davis

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In the interview with Angela Davis, the interviewer brings up the word violence. Violence can be understood in different contexts from one group of people to the next. Angela responds with her view of violence in opposition to the average American’s. Black people would constantly have to fear that they could be harassed or beaten by the many racists of that time. The interviewer seemed to view violence only from the Black Panther Party, ignoring the main issue of white violence. Angela is trying to reveal how black’s daily lives were centered around violence and they were looking for a change.

The Black Panther Party had extreme views and showed a lot of pathos in their protests. Violence was only used if a white person used violence first, but they still took a lot of heat. White people would exaggerate violence done by the Black Panther Party and act as if it arose out of no where. This violence is only in response to the accumulation of violence towards blacks. The Black Panther Party was very passionate and outspoken. This allowed the party to gain the attention it needed and spread the truth of white violence.

Violence can be viewed in many different ways, but for them the only way to show violence was to respond with violence. There are still ignorant racists out there that haven’t learned, but because of Angela Davis and the Black Panther Party, they can’t perform racist acts.


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