Violent Literacies

During an interview with Angela Davis for the documentary Black Power Mixtape, she was asked how one goes into a revolution and does it include violence in it. She went on this talk about how people, like African Americans, who have experience violence do not use it to get change to the world. Since they have experienced what violence is and how much it hurts, they take that knowledge and will not use violence to see change. This is connected to language because language is the strongest tool that a person can use to achieve something. In a way by Angela Davis doing this interview, that is one step to getting her voice heard. When doing research on the Blank Panthers, one of the main points that caught my attention was that it was the first group to¬†militantly struggle for their cause. This really surprised me because in the entire US history that had been so much discrimination and injustice to people of color. The forms of rhetoric that were used to discuss the group included uniting with may other minority groups and white revolutionary groups and overall the actions that they did to get people’s attention. This would give them a lot of attention because not only are they reaching to people of their own group but others.


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