The documentary I watched was a Chinese one called “Do we have to be so different? ” This movie indicates us a very cruel truth that people from different parts of China are treated differently by other people. And area discrimination becomes a serious social problem.

I believe this in fact happens all the time around the world too. Some people just do think those ones who are from the poor area are as outstanding as them. And if you view some Chinese websites and read the comments below, you will always find arguments and conflicts among those people who attempt to prove that people from certain areas of China are terrible. This is such a tragedy.

Our social construction in China is not completed yet. Thus, western China has a huge poverty area. And this causes many young men and women expect to move to the eastern China after they graduate from colleges, which possibly the situation in western China even worse. The discrimination doesn’t only come from people but also from the government. Chinese government does not spend much money on constructing western China, and the lack of wealth makes western China lose so many good oppertunities to increase the local economy. Thus, the poverty comes again. And the government considers that western China doesn’t need much money because it is so poor. And this becomes a dead loop that goes endlessly.

I am from western China and I am proud of my hometown. I also can see the big differences among different parts of China, and even some of my friends have jealous of the kids who are born in eastern China. All I expect is this that the government can help western China more, and build a better social construction from all Chinese people.



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