Earth under Water

Our planet is nearly made up from 75% water, and very little time do we stop and think about the frozen bodies that contain water and how it would affect if they melt. In the documentary “Earth Under Water” filmed by Discovery Channel will argue that sea levels are rising and that there is nothing humanely possible to prepare for the rising sea level creating fear for the audience by using primarily one voice that is monotoned.

Essentially all of the coastal cities in the Unites states and around the would be non-existent because if Antarctica were to melt completely it would over flood first the coastal cities and then with rising tides it would flood inland cities. All of the possible scenarios are made under the assumption that sea level will rise up to six feet. Just three feet of water would make  a significant amount of damage. There are however cities that are trying to build a wall to avoid a flood from the rising sea level but it will not be enough to keep safe because as the sea level rises the tide will rise making it impossible to build a sea defense that is high enough for protection.

Briefly the film shows an animated diagram and shows the audience a possible solution however quickly discourages the solution. The narrator first shows a wall that could be built and how it would have to function with boats to let them in and out of the ports. However this solution is quickly dismissed by the high cost that it would take to build such thing. Since there is no possible way to realistically estimate the amount the sea level would rise it would be nearly impossible to start building. How can you build protection but not know the gravity of the threat?

In order to make the audience care and change the way they see the issue of rising sea level the film only has one person narrate with the same tone throughout the entire film. The voice is monotone and serious making it automatically a serious topic that should worry everyone, rich or poor and all races go out the window. This phenomenon will affect everyone and there is no saving from it.


The Discovery Channel, Earth under Water, 2010


6 thoughts on “Earth under Water

  1. According to your analysis, I feel that rising sea levels is a part of climate change. Not only sea levels are rising but also global temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting, ice sheets are shrinking at an unprecedented rate, and the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have shot up dramatically. The facts are undeniable, climate change is a huge issue in today’s society, and the environment is worsening by the minute. To solve the problem is so much hard, people need to stand up and take actions to reduce the environmental destruction.


  2. I agree that frozen water melting is a serious issue which can cause the destruction of cities and countries. We, as a society, have issues that are causing this and there is little we can do unless people take action. Most of society does not want to group up and take action because it takes time away from their already busy schedule, which is impossible for some parents who have low income.


  3. The money aspect of this problem shines a very sad light on a terrible aspect of our society. The documentary mentioned how nations that were too poor to provide the money necessary for people protect themselves would be forced to migrate, that implies that the rest of the world was not interested in helping them because they didn’t see an intimidate financial reward. The sad thing is that we see this already in other ways today where people aren’t willing to give up money to help those in need. So then this future looks a lot more realistic, which is very depressing.


  4. Personally , I think there should be more people to pay attention on the truth of “Global Warming”. Frozen water melting is definitely a threaten to human beings, and I especially like how this documentary brings out the problem about the cost of building protection. Some people around me don’t really care about this phenomenon, because either they don’t believe the frozen water would melt completely in the future,or they rely on human’s brain and technology so much that they believe no matter what kind of natural disasters would appear in the future, technology can defend human being. This documentary does a great job of relating natural disasters with limited finical support from society.


  5. Interesting post about the documentary. Rising sea levels is an important part of climate change happening in our world and one that not many people pay attention to. I feel like most people these days dont pay attention to the environment and how much we are harming it. Cost of these projects are high and that affects how people deal with issues such as these


  6. Rising sea levels is a very serious topic that should be discussed on a global scale because for the most part if not all, it is humanity that is the cause of this. Global warming due to an abundant of greenhouse gases from industrial factories, smog emissions from cars, and over usage of water resources are the one of the major reasons for this global epidemic. Soon, our coastal cities will be non-existent as the sea levels will rise and flood them. It seems from your post, that there is no possible action to be taken, but to face the consequences from our actions.


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