I Would Like to Supersize

Super Size Me is a documentary which focuses on the effects that fast food has on the human body, more specifically McDonald’s, the biggest fast food chain.  Morgan Spurlock went on a 30 day diet of only McDonald’s food.  He started this diet because other people had sued McDonald’s for causing injuries and they had lost, but they could win if they could prove that McDonald’s was the cause of the injuries.  He would eat 3 times a day and if they asked if he wanted to supersize, he would have to.  He enlisted 3 doctors to keep track of his health and a professional dietician to supervise his calorie intake.  Morgan Spurlock was a perfectly healthy man who had no issues or problems and was at the perfect weight for his height.  During his 30 day diet, he showed us every time he ate, what he ate, and if he supersized his meal.  As the days progressed, he felt worse and worse and his body started to deteriorate from the perfect health he once had.  Near the end, his doctors advised him to stop his diet because his liver had become worse, he was at risk of heart failures and his cholesterol was through the roof.  He gave a side-by-side comparison of him before and after his 30 day diet.  He proved that McDonald’s fast food can cause serious health issues through a risky scenario.  I think he showed us that we, as a society, are socially constructed to view fast food as normal and that we are to believe that fast food has no underlying side effects.  We love fast food because it is quick, cheap and easily accessible.  He showed us that fast food is an underlying cause of obesity and has serious health issues if not regulated.

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