Race is not real

There is no such thing as race, not only we want to create a world with equality but also in the scientific level. “Race is not real!!!” The video I used to write this blog is made by ‘DNews Plus’, which is built for enthusiastic science fans seeking out comprehensive conversations on the geeky topics they love. In my opinion, science is the most accurate way to proof any argument. Thus I choose this video, it shows that race is not exist through science. “Race is just a various part of our planet.” But we are not considering it that way cause it is a structural foundation of social power and many people are incorrectly thinking race is biological. Host Trace Dominguez brought up a really interesting point about race “ When we think about race, we think variety of different things. And you going to think different things depending on what country you living and what cultural you may have grown up…” why is so important to think about the background when we talk about race? Cause race is a social construction build up on the cultural that we are surrounding. Racism is not a very popular topic in China, cause people there are nearly same kind. But in America there is a very specific context for race, much of racial discussions are black versus white. It connected with America history such like civil war and legacy of slavery. Race is a social contraction we build around ourselves, that is part of human nature. We want to see our subspecies is prior than others.

In biology there is a concept of genetically different subspecies, which a lot people confused with human races. In our eyes, we see different patterns and shapes that is how our brain works. And that extends to categorizing human into different groups. But there is no genetic basis for race; even genes may make us look differently. “Skin color alone as many different genes working together” we often confused it with human races. And not only for human, race exists for animals as well. Bill Nye said, “There is no such thing as a purebred dog” which I totally agreed. If we put whatever two dogs together, they will end up give us some kind of dog. “Purebred” dogs may more look like their parents, but it doesn’t mean they are actually purebred. Since there just genes play around with looks. We created difference around us by use those different looks. “Social construct is a category, perception or idea created and developed by society and then applied to individuals or groups.” Race is social constructed, in other words we created race.

“Ethnicity is very real, ethnicity is a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition…if you have different races they are really different ethnicities” he end up use word “ethnicity” instead “race”. Cause he thought ethnicity is not about skin color, face shape or intelligence but shared experiences. We are Homo sapiens but we all have different cultural experiences. Thus “ethnicity” is a more accurate word to use when we talk about race. Based on my experience of this week and how we talk about social construction; I start to think about if ethnicity is social constructed as well.


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Dominguez, Trace. “Science Says: There Is No Such Thing As Race!”YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Race is not real

  1. I agree that the concept of different “races” is a fallacy. We are all part of the same human race. Unfortunately the idea that we are inherently different from people with different skin colors than us is a social construction that is deeply ingrained in American culture.
    I like the concept you brought up of ethnicities being groups of people with shared experiences rather than the same physical traits. I think this is a great way to look at it, and it challenges the construction that our skin color, eye shape, etc are what make us different.


  2. I like your opinion and I feel like its your cultural eyeglasses that make you judgmental. I mean it’s no mystery why history repeats itself; we live in a society bound by norms passed down from generations. As we take flight to gain individuality, we are hauled down by a storm of beliefs, practices, and artifacts, restricting us to cultural boundaries. Many of these inherited conceptions are chains of cultural and religious morals. Parents, siblings, and teachers give us their beliefs of the world, and their perspective becomes our preconceptions, which eliminates our ability to view circumstances from different perspectives. In other words, cultural eyeglasses make us narrow-minded, and we miss the big picture. Culture and religion engrave misconceptions, create destructive and unhealthy barriers, and dehumanize society. So when you tittle your paper “Race Is Not Real,” I agree with you. Race is, in fact, an artificial way to subdivide groups of people; it is a social construct.

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