Reclaiming Sinjar

The ever continuing crisis in the Middle East, made infamously by the terrorist group known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIS, has continued to bring destruction and sorrow for the innocent civilians living in these now war-torn areas, which they once called home. The city of Sinjar is one these examples. The documentary by Vice News called, “Relclaiming Sinjar: Pushing Back the Islamic State”, portrays the desolate city of Sinjar,which once was populated by thousands of people, being reclaimed by the Kurdish Force known as the Peshmerga. This documentary is a vivid and real example of the conflicts occurring to this day in the Middle East, which I am very fortunate to not be a part of; moreover I believe that this documentary serves a purpose to many people who are being affected by this crisis in the fact that millions of people have died to the cruelty of ISIS, yet there isn’t much help being offered to the innocent.

The United States and its allies, such as the Peshmerga, have played a huge impactful role in pushing back the ISIS forces, and reclaiming these war torn cities, but the civilians of these cities have lost their homes and families forever. In the video, it portrays the ISIS as metaphorical dog running away with its tail behind its leg against the superior and overwhelming force of the Peshmerga. There is enough military power to sufficiently eradicate the Islamic forces from their strongholds. Now, the government should focus more on rebuilding their war torn cities and providing more aid towards their citizens than continuing to build their military power. The city of Sinjar is now liberated, yet its people still have no home. I hope the government provides enough support to rebuild this city for its people and the lives of the many that were lost.

I watched this documentary awhile back randomly, but in my opinion, this is a very true and interesting video. It shows the nature of war and the havoc it creates. Families are torn apart forever and homes have been lost. This documentary is also a very vivid portrayal, in my eyes, that I am way more fortunate than most people and that I am grateful for my family.

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