Transparent Sushi

Everyone, including myself, become mesmerized by the word sushi. It is delicious. As self-indulgent and palatable as it is, Sushi can be understood through another vernacular. In the documentary Jinro Dreams of Sushi Yoshikazu Ono, son of master sushi chef Jinro, show hints of discern for the family’s sushi business since Yoshi’s future has been predetermined by his father. A normative social construct in Japanese culture. Although the cinematic shots of freshly cut sashimi was thirst quenching, Japan’s social construct of familial and brand ties in the workforce calls attention to their power dynamic.

In class, Anthony asked us to define love. My definition of love, in the context of social construction, is the mode of power. Through personal attachments, people can be molded and maneuvered without the feeling of loosing free will. In Yoshi’s case, social construction. Jinro, on the other hand, loves Sushi so much to the point where he has visions of sashimi (quite epic).  As an outsider watching a documentary trailer based on Japanese culture and cuisine, love can be understood in multifaceted ways. Jinro loves both Sushi and Yoshi, but Yoshi’s hesitant career position with Sushi leaves an unsettling tone through the language of social construction. Yoshi’s predetermined future explains not only the power dynamic between father and son but also the power dynamic between the individual and the traditional art. It seems that Yoshi is entangled in a web full of discourses that involve family, loyalty, individuality, and cultural tradition- forms that allow us to understand social constructs in order to interrogate them .


Works Cited

Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Dir. David Gelb. Perf. Jiro Ono and Yoshikazu Ono. Magnolia Pictures, 2011. Film.



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