White culture?

It is quite normal to hear people question others “Why do act like White?” or “Why do you act like Black?"Then here comes the question :” What is White and Black?”  In documentary “Nature vs. Nuture: A documentary examining the social construct of race”, it shows the audiences the views and opinions from society by interviewing people with different races and jobs. This is documentary is filmed and uploaded by Youtuber Naiyana Moore who shares Black people’s music and culture,and even tho there is no that much personal information about him on his youtube channel, there is a possibility that he is Black ,or a person who has great interest in exploring Black people ‘s world.

This documentary is only 15 minutes long, but it provides a huge amount of information for audiences to think about. The first question comes out from this documentary is about the definition of race. According to an unknown professor’s explanation, In general, people use this word to identify people’s race , and race is determined people’s colors. However, nowadays,people have given more definitions to this world, and they begin to relate cultural influence to the definition of “Race”.  “Race ” is not only about color anymore, but also represents kinds of human’s actions or behaviors, which are know as ” White culture” and “Black culture.” This change in the definition of “race” differs the traditional way of distinguishing people’s races. One of the phenomenons that appears is some people are called as ” behaving out of race” by analyzing their actions and behaviors. The documentary interviews some whit people about how they see “White behavior” or “White culture”,and according to the content in the interview, I conclude that people think that White people act and talk in a more formal and serious way than Black people, and they tend to care about manners and images more than other races. Why would some people be called as “behaving out of race” then?  The interview with a black girl who is a scholarship winner in High school tells the reason. The girl says it is quit often for her to hear people saying that she behaviors like a White girl because of the way she talks seriously with people and study hard outside school. She is not happy with that calling, since she doesn’t feel award as a black girl.

Here is another interview from this documentary shows an interesting social phenomenon about people’s preferences. The interview is with a young white mom who has three young daughters and works as an office assistance.This young mom says it is interesting to notice that people are more willing to listen to White people than Black people. Through her working experiences, when people are looking for helps and advises, it is easier to convince them if their advisors are White people.  This young mom is curious about the reason that causes this situation for Black people, because while she is taking care of her daughters , she doesn’t fell that children have such a feeling that they need more help from White people than Black people.

After watching through these interview, I question myself with few question. First, what are the elements that effect children and even change the way of seeing White people and Black people on the way of grow up? Second, why would people believe “White culture” is right and more authorial than Black culture?   Third, how people begin to distinguish cultures with races and making them become social construction?  I think the answer to these three questions is about the unequal thoughts in human’s mind ,and eventually those thoughts become the rules of society. Even tho at the begging , people dived people into different races depends on their skin colors, it has nothing to do with how people would behavior differently. I can’t deny that there is “White culture “and “Black culture”,but when people talk about these two things with ideas of being racist, they are not talking about the real values of the cultures behind races. The reason is they are just trying to making social constructions of how Black people should behavior and how White people should behavior, and later on they call their assumptions and expectations as “White culture and Black culture”.



“Nature vs. Nuture: A documentary examining the social construct of race”  Naiyana Moore. Youtube. April 1,2013. Web. July 1,2016


3 thoughts on “White culture?

  1. I am totally agree with you that when people talk about race is not only about the skin color that different people have. They are actually more likely talk about how people are act differently based on their skin color. And you said race as a social construction has been used to control how white and black people should behavior. I want to add some up, I think races are also made up for make one subspecies is prior than others.

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  2. I like your topic because many times people talk about American things they are often time refereeing to Black or white culture and do not differentiate and often go as far as to say Black people do not have a culture in America. But I also think that you merged culture and white supremacy together. Culture is not just the way people behave or act but our language, food, music etc. With the world erasing the rich culture of Black Americans I think the language for your argument should have been thought out a little more, but it was an interesting topic.

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  3. Its sad really. Our race, culture, and skin color are pretty much what separates people. Past all that, we are all human beings who want to love and be loved by others. This social construct of races being superior is really nonsense. Until people are able to see past our looks, i feel like people of different races will always judge and pick on each other. I really liked what you mentioned in your last paragraph, about race not being something negative. One thing i love is learning about new cultures and meeting different people. Talks of race and culture in our society has a negative connotation to it when it should invoke feelings of admiration, curiosity, and pride.

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