Miss Nina Simone

“What Happen to, Miss Simone?” is the question we ask when we hear the voice of Nina Simone. Her songs scream a poetic truth, which was shouted around the world, but until this day some are still curious about Simone’s truth. We only know Simone form the stories in her song but what really happened to Nina Simone? The documentary “What Happen to, Miss Simone?” tells the story of Miss Simone. It shines the light on Simone’s divine artistry and activism. As a Black woman she fought her way through Jim Crow and brought her people with her on her journey to freedom. She used her platform and worked with honorable activist like Malcolm X to liberate her people. Her fight was not only with white supremacy but it was also with her husband and eventually herself. She had been in a relationship with an abusive and pacifying husband. She eventually left him and lived in Liberia for a lengthy amount of time. She started to show signs of mental health issues and she was later diagnosed. She eventually died while she was on a tour.

I will argue that this documentary produced how different systems and social construction manifest through many people even our idols. I believe the major social construction that were highlighted were race. Race was discussed from the very beginning of her story when Simone had been trained in classical music but the music industry only allowed her to do more traditional Black genres like Soul or Blues. Her social construction had restricted her from expressing her talents and kept her gifts under wraps. Later on in her career Simone began “to push black people. To identify with black culture: giving out to them that Black-Ness; that Black-Power “. (What Happen to, Miss Simone?) I would say this film’s message matter to me because it highlighted the social constructions and oppression burden our lives but it also honored ad praised a great legend that choose to liberate herself and her people from the chains.



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