Art of Eastern Philosophy

 “Plum Blossom in Full Bloom” by Geng Ting Shan

Eastern philosophy has many influences on Chinese brush paintings/ink wash paintings. These paintings are often about Confucius sayings, which are about modesty, path/route, and patience. Some Chinese paintings have poems written in calligraphy on the side. The paintings show simplicity and purity of nature. The artists do this by using only a couple of strokes to represent the subject. The artist cannot make a mistake while painting because it is impossible to erase ink on paper or silk. The technique used is “one stroke” which is one movement used by the artist to show the essence of the subject instead of actually painting it. Eastern philosophy teaches that knowledge is from our own experiences so the artist and viewer may have different thoughts on the piece. Subjects in Chinese brush paintings are placed strategically to represent Eastern philosophy.

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One thought on “Art of Eastern Philosophy

  1. Interesting topic~ I never really thought about relating Eastern philosophy with Chinese paintings, and I agree with you that many Chinese artists express their experiences through their art products. But I think most artists do the same thing as Chinese artists, and how does this fact make Chinese paintings have special connections with Eastern philosophy?


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