One-Child Policy and Forced Abortion


In the Article “The Future is Kid Stuff” written by Edelman, he introduced the conflict between futurism and the queer community. It is commonly known that children are the future, and therefore, the politics are preferring those who have the abilities to reproduce. Sadly, since the queer couples are composed of two people with the same sexual identity, they cannot give birth to a child, which is considered as the future. Nowadays, the sociologists and politicians are viewing same-sex marriage as a political problem rather than a moral issue.
There is nothing wrong with the queer couple; they just don’t have the ability to reproduce. There human right and love freedom were taken away by the politic that prefers a future with more children.
What is ironic is that, in China, the government has to cut down the birth rate due to the massive amount of population. Started in 1979, the Chinese government established an official letter saying that one couple can only give birth to a child. Although this policy helped prevented 400 million in population within three decades, this reduction comes with an inhuman enforcement: families that want a second child will either be charged for a huge amount of money or the pregnant women will be forced to sign an abortion paper to give up the babies.
On June 12th, 2012, Feng Jianmei was forced by local officials to abort a seven-month-old fetus. The origin of this story was that Feng already has one kid, and she is ready to give birth to the second baby, which is forbidden by the policy. The local government asked her family to pay a $6300 violation fee, but they refused to do so. The government then sent several officers and guards to force her to sign an agreement of abortion and didn’t allow her to leave the hospital.
While many countries in the world are favoring the kids as their future and are strongly opposing the queer society because they can’t reproduce, the Chinese government is concerning about the unlimited growth of population and does not allow families to have their second babies. These are all good examples of biopolitics, which is associating reproduction with politics.


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