Planned Parenthood

My cultural artifact is the controversy between Indiana State laws and planned parenthood. Opponents of Planned Parenthood do not want government fundings to help sustain the program. This relates to Foucault’s statement on bio power and how the government wants to regulate America’s birth rate without the voice of the individuals. Planned Parenthood is mostly for low income women, and without it low income women do not have a better opportunity when regulating their sexual health. From this controversy, I can see the overall systems of subjection through gender and income. Through hegemonic laws, populations can be controlled. From there, I will talk about Edelman’s statement on reproductive futurism and how Native American women were forced to be sterile.


One thought on “Planned Parenthood

  1. Interesting. Are you saying that the government is using Planned Parenthood to control the population of low income people? Because PP provides birth control/abortion services to women who ordinarily would be forced to have children they can’t afford. I don’t see birth control services through PP as being “forced” onto them. The opponents of PP seem to want to force these women to carry their pregnancies full term, and want the government to enforce this as well. If that were to happen, then the government would be controlling the population’s reproductive health. However this would not tame population growth but increase it, especially in low income communities. So that would be the opposite of what Foucault saw the government trying to do.


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