The parallel between Sense and Science


Didong Houfeng. World’s first earthquake detector was invented 2000 years ago in China. Photography. July,14. 2016.

My cultural artifact is a photography of Chinese seismoscope. This seismoscope is the world’s first earthquake detector and was invented 2000 years ago in China. The reason that this seismoscope was invented is in ancient China, people regard “Earthquake” as a symbol of misfortune and illness, and they believed “Earthquake” a message says there would be deserter attracts human being. Most of time, this idea was spread by followers of Chinese religions ,such as Taoism and Buddhism. People call “Earthquake” as “Mystic” before scientists use theories and measurements to proof “Earthquake” to be a natural phenomenon caused by the movement of Earth’s plates.  The invention of seismoscope represents the development of scientific manufacturer, and it speeds up the process for scientists of knowing and analyzing “Earthquake”.

My research community is “Eastern Philosophy”, and my angle of seeing this Chinese inventions are:

  1. The very first purpose of staring a scientific research is to predict the period of natural phenomenon that has always been a threaten to humans. Due to the lack of knowledge, people regard these natural phenomenon as “Mystic” and depend on their belief of religions and philosophy to explain and comfort themselves.
  2. The use of Eastern philosophy is to explain unknown deserters by analyzing human’s behaviors and morality. It doesn’t require accurate calculations and theories which are undeveloped and well-known in old generation to explore these phenomenons. Instead it asks people to explore and introspect themselves.
  3. When People gradually accept the ideas from Easter philosophy as common sense, scientists begin to try to figure out a more mathematical and theoretical way to define these common sense.

One thought on “The parallel between Sense and Science

  1. It’s very interesting that you choose a Chinese seismoscope as your cultural artifact. I think that is a very smart way to discuss Eastern philosophy. By giving the reason why this seismoscope exist and why people need that, can show people’s logic at that time. I knew many ancient stuff for years, but I never think about those on your way. You give me a new angle to look at antique.

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