Cultural Artifact on Social Construction

I will use a video from YouTube, “Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Psychology #39” as a cultural artifact for my research project. In this video, the speaker talks about how policer officers now days can be prejudice along with gender, ethnic, socioeconomic status, and culture. Like mentioned in my previous presentation, police officers in different countries have different attitudes toward citizens. In the United States, police officers have strong power over any other police officers in other countries and they may have unacceptable judgement towards citizens or criminals.

In this video, the speaker gave an example of discrimination: In 1999, a young black man was dead with 19 shots from police officers. The police officers thought he looked suspicious and a 23-year-old young man tried to reach for his wallet to get his ID to show the police officers but the officers shot him even before he took out his ID. This example shows that police officers have way much power in this country and innocent citizens have been dying because of their prejudgement. I cannot say that the 23-year-old man who died in 1999 is innocent, but the officers could have waited until he pulled out his ID and listen what his intention was.

I think this video can be very helpful for my research project. After watching this video, now I have more thoughts about the word “power” in relation to police officers. Personally, prejudice and discrimination cannot be part of police officers judgement when they come to pull out their guns.

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2 thoughts on “Cultural Artifact on Social Construction

  1. I appreciate the topic you chose, considering all of the past and recent events taken place. The discussion is long over due in the United States of America. In regards to Police officers murdering citizens. I think you should change the language from prejudices. Studies have shown that white officers killing marginalized groups especially Blacks is a result prejudgment but on the larger scale institutionalized racism and white supremacy. These officers are prejudice, yes, in many cases we all our prejudice but where prejudice ends and white supremacy begins is when someones life is lost and there is no one is held accountable.


  2. Police brutality is something that can be looked at in many different ways. Labeling all police as bad people is a harsh thing to do. I think among all these terrible things, people need to understand that all of the good that police do goes unnoticed while all the bad is brought to light.


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