Donald Trump on Political Correctness

As we have seen in the past year, republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gained a lot of popularity. One of his opinions is that people are too politically correct and people should be allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want. This is one of the main issues for the topic of biopower and queerness. He is a part of society that makes it atypical for the queer/transgender community to exist. His use of language completely takes society a step back in progressing to a tolerant country as a whole. Without using proper pronouns and the proper language, the population could feel outcasted and below other people. Trump also often uses the term ‘radical islam’ which has a negative connotation towards islamic people. His use of certain words is the exact thing that society needs to move away from.


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump on Political Correctness

  1. So true!!! His use of words improves the development of the entire country. I still remember that Donald Trump utilizes assumption by bravely and loudly saying, “we will make America great again”. The statment he makes is an effective way to persuade citizens to build up confidence and hope towards their society.

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  2. The thing is, just because “Radical Islam” has a negative connotation towards Islamic people, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. So when discussing problems and trying to be politically correct, there is a cost to that such that the reality of what is happening is skewed. And while saying “Radical Islam” might put a negative view towards Muslims, its important to say because it put pressure on that community to understand what about their religion allows groups like ISIS to become radicalized and commit atrocities while still finding support for what they are doing in the religious text that both they and the rest of the Muslim community follow.


  3. In China, political correctness is a very serious problem. If a politician doesn’t have political correctness, then he will never get to a higher position. Like the U.S., people also don’t believe many political correctness, and most people don’t even want to trust the politicians. I think a big reason that people think politicians are liars is because of the political correctness.


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