For as long as any one (society) can remember we as individuals have been assigned a gender role. Even when we are in the womb we are labeled to be female or male, with those gender roles being set we are then expected to follow a socially constructed manual on how to carry our assigned gender through. I am classified as a female and carry the role of a female because it is my choice however there are those that have not been given a chance to fully express who they wish to be. Most of the emotions that we experience are all the works of hormones that lie within. Females are known for have breast and a reproductive system that can conceive, while the male has little breast with a different genitalia anatomy. One would think that with something as simple as the Olympics one should be able to choose and be accepted into the gender role of one’s choice and not the one that society has predestined.

In the online article “IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery” by The Guardian website, they talk about how female to male have to go very little hormonal treatment to compete yet from male to female they must undergo two years of hormonal treatment and must undergo a surgery that will fully transition them into a female to ensure they field is fair for all. This hormone treatment procedure causes a lot of controversy because it is almost a way to show the Olympic community that they truly are the gender they have chosen and are not trying to take advantage and win a gold medal. Off course I am well aware that there are certain physical capabilities that males and females have so it would be understandable that the main concern is to have fairness and equality. The issue still remains, why males transitioning into female must undergo a more strict protocol to even be considered for the Olympics. The transgender athletes are being treated as if gender is a performance and that there is a grace period that they have to prove that it is not a performance but indeed a personal choice to be who they wish to be.

We have come a long way and it so it would seem that the surgery is no longer required to be able to compete a the Olympic level but hormonal treatment is still required. There is still a form of oppression towards the transgender to prove that they are who they say they are.



“IOC Rules Transgender Athletes Can Take Part in Olympics without Surgery.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 24 Jan. 2016. Web. 15 July 2016.

2 thoughts on “Hormones

  1. Interesting article! I agree with your point of view. The western society can, definitely, get irritating with its pre-set notions of the binary. We seek for equality, when we should be thinking for equity–or at least that is what I think will make the world a better place. Personally, as a cis-gendered male, I hold the privilege that other gender dreams of having. Society’s pre-set conception of the binary and value of gender place me in a superior role than other gender, which is unfair. Similar to your idea of the Olympics, I think there many aspects of gender inequality which are not publicized on purpose. I think the general public would not be abel to fully cope and comphrened with the gender bias; and thus would create small disagreement issues–boycotts or riots. Especially in the transgender community, there is even more gender bias and distrust. They are oppressed and faced with many challenegs to prove a gender; which in bigger scenarios can be a form of gender discrimination. I do think this needs to stop and am with you one hundered percent that there is a higher level of oppression found in the system for transgenders.


  2. I too understand the concern about letting transgender women perform with cis women in the Olympics. Men and women compete separately because men are believed to have biological advantages over women when it comes to physical performance. So, following that logic, a transgender woman who was born male may still have these physical advantages over cis women, making it unfair.
    It’s interesting that you said that trans people in the Olympics are being treated as if they are performing their gender, but aren’t we all performing our gender? Judith Butler even thinks that biological sex, not just gender, is performance. She would probably argue that the perceived biological differences that give men physical advantages over women are socially constructed.
    Perhaps the whole idea that men are stronger than women therefor trans women have advantage over cis women is a form of female oppression. The belief that a trans women has advantage over a cis women simply because she was born a man shows that men hold a higher station in society than women. As you said, when it’s a trans man competing against cis men there is hardly any scrutiny. This is because the trans man is considered to already be at a disadvantage because he was born female. So in this way I think this system of scrutiny toward trans women in the Olympics is not only a form of oppression of trans people but of women as well.


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