legalization of corruption in Florida

My cultural artifact is the legalization of corruption in Florida, America. As the same suggests, legal corruption, is defined as political gains like campaign contributions achieved by an official in exchange for providing specific benefits to individuals or groups in the society. However, in today’s society, some government abuses its public power for private gains. This reflects Michel Foucault’s statement, that power is exercised throughout the social construction. The government in Florida achieves social control by linking the individual and social structures.


One thought on “legalization of corruption in Florida

  1. I agree with your definition of corruption, but do also depise corruption. Despite the benefits of corruption to the citizens, corruption can impede the growth of the country. By that, I mean that the government will not receive the money to better develop the country. As a person who is from an forgein country where corruption is a necessity–I, myself have bribed a police office to get away from a speeding ticket– because it is easier. For example, instead of getting a speading ticket and going to court or getting it in your record, a person can bribe to get away from it. Although, I do think that bribing is a bad thing, I think of a necessity for some people. However, I do also think that corruption is bad and should be reconsidered by indivuals in change.


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