Maafa 21 (African Holocaust)

My cultural artifact is the documentary “Maafa 21”. Maafa is the Kiswahili term meaning African Holocaust. The term is referring from the time period of when the first African was stolen and forced into slavery to current today. The documentary Maafa 21 focuses on the reproductive aspect of Maafa, which some may know as eugenics. Eugenics is the science of improving human populations by discouraging less desirable groups of people to reproduce, while encouraging the more favorable groups of people to reproduce. Most consider the pallet-able language to be referring to people of color, especially Black a the “undesirables” and the whites as the “desirables”. After slavery a number of different concerns erected in the white population. These concerns included economic stability. Intermarriage, retaliation from former slaves and other pressing concerns. Their solution to the Negro dilemma was to send Blacks back to Africa, but when that failed they turned to eugenics. In later time, it was put into practice by Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. Sanger joined in partner with white elites to control the reproductive liberty of Black Americans, mainly Black American women. Just like early eugenicists Sanger and other white elites claimed they were ridding the world of less desirable, feeble minded misfits.
This cultural artifact relates to Edelman’s Biopower because he speak of reproductive futurism as a plot for political desires. Figurative children are used to push ideas. For example, I’m sure we’ve all heard a politician urge you to pass a certain law so that “our kids will not grow up in a world where ____”. Eugenics is the word game of deeming Black people inferior and not worthy of reproduction, in order to stunt Black people to not be able to compete in society in any manner.  


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