Yin and Yang: Let’s divide this world by two.

imageIn traditional Tao, Yin and Yang theory plays an important role. Culturally people who believe in Tao would like to consider everything in their lives as a combination of Yin Chi and Yang Chi. I personally agree with this theory a lot. I think every object in the world must contain both “Chi”s, and the only difference is the amount of Yin Chi and Yang Chi. For example, in old China, people believed that the sun had much Yang Chi because it was hot, bright and energetic. And its Yin Chi was really weak. Oppositely, the moon had way much Yin Chi and less Yang Chi because it was cold and dark. I believe that for every object that has certain amount of either Chi, there must exist another object corresponding to it in the universe, such as man and woman, day and night, love and hate, water and fire.etc. Yin-Yang theory has helped me to shape my points of view of this world. It teaches me to have inner peace while facing obstacles or challenges. It persuades me to calm myself down no matter what happens so that I can hold enough reasons to examine different situations, which means, in brief, I should consider everything from different perspectives, instead of being too extreme, just like Yin and Yang. A very common example would be: supposing if my friend is depressed one day because he fails in his quiz, then I would tell him that failure isn’t only negative. The failure on this quiz would remind him his defects in the subject, and he can study it early enough so that he will not make the same mistake again in the final.

For me, Yin-Yang theory is an attitude to my life. It makes me to not think extremely because everything has YinChi and YangChi, which means nothing in this world is absolute positive or negative. And of course, I don’t say which Chi is positive and which is negative. It all depends on how you treat it, and as if you can see it as two parts but also a whole.

Cite: Laozi, and Stephen Mitchell. Tao Te Ching: A New English Version. New York: Harper & Row, 1988.


2 thoughts on “Yin and Yang: Let’s divide this world by two.

  1. I like your topic, it’s very interesting. Yin and Yang from Taoism played a very important roll in ancient China, and it still has influence to Chinese now. Based on what I understand of Yin and Yang and also what you said, it offers a way to believe balance of life. Thus, people who believe in Tao always have very positive perspective of their life.


  2. I like how you talked about this topic very thoroughly. I only thought Yin Chi and Yang Chi was about light and dark but after reading your post I realized some interesting facts. Like you said, nothing can be purely 100% positive or negative in this world and I think it is great that you relate Yin Chi and Yang Chi to our problems. It was very interesting topic to talk about.


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