Visualizing Addiction


Filmbilder. “Nuggets.” YouTube. YouTube, 2014. Web. 29 July 2016.


Tackett, Brittany. Concerta Addict. Digital image. Sober Media Group, 24 Mar. 2016. Web. 5 Aug. 2016.




3 thoughts on “Visualizing Addiction

  1. I love how the simplicity of the animation is all they needed to tell a story of addiction. Just a couple of lines and we could tell the bird was addicted and as the video progressed the bird was not enjoying it as much after but relied on it instead.


  2. This is a really powerful animation and I think it was a really interesting choice to have a bird as the character building an addiction, as typically birds are neutral, if not happy, creatures. Great video, thanks for sharing!


  3. Very nice animation! This reminds me the drug diggers. I just watched a movie call Gia this weekend, which tells the life story of the super model Gia in 1960s and how she got addicted to drugs. She finally got ACIDS and died when she was about 26. We all have desires in our lives. Some of them are good, and some are bad. I think self-control is really what we need in order to have health lives.


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