Pokemon Go and “Dog Walking”

pokemon go


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Go and “Dog Walking”

  1. Although I really like Pokemon, I think Pokemon Go is kind of annoying just because of all the hype that surrounds it. However, I like that it allows young people who would otherwise be playing video games inside, to explore their surroundings outdoors. It’s also pretty funny that people are walking their dogs while catching Pokemon. I mean, there’s a real animal you can take care of literally RIGHT in front of you, but you choose to look at pixels on a screen.


  2. Although I do not play Pokémon Go, I think it is a great game to help people become more active and live healthier lifestyles. Personally as a person who is self-motivated to exercise, many of my friends are “lazy bums” and need some sort of motivation to go out and exercise; Pokémon go is the perfect motivation. They walk while playing their favorite game; life doesn’t get better than this! And in addition to the human living a healthier lifestyle; the pets also get to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. I think the inventors of the game should be proud and gratified that they are helping people exercise more.


  3. While it is great that it gets people out, its also interesting to see all of the crazy accidents that have happened because people were too focused on the game and oblivious to what was going on around them.


  4. Somehow I think this game has made people stupid. I have seen a guy was playing Pokemon on his phone and leaving his girl friend alone while having a dinner with her. It made people not communicate with each other. It does “enforce” people to outside. But if you are still on your phone, then it makes no difference.


  5. Pokémon Go is doing a huge amount for teens who other wise stay inside all day. People of all ages are going out and interacting with each other and are enjoying it. Shelters are taking full advantage of this by having Pokémon Go players actually walk dogs. It’s a smart move because a lot of people are playing and now they can play and walk a dog at the same time.


  6. Since the development of gamePokémon Go it has started a new trend in society, making people bring forth new ideas in the surrounding world. However, at the same time, it will cause some accidents while doing another thing like walking a dog. Hence, the time for playing this game should be mastered.


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