Trump vs. Hilary


2 thoughts on “Trump vs. Hilary

  1. I like your selection of the meme to describe the primary elections; the minions accurately describe how the elections are turning out to be impulsive creatures calling out opponents on national stage. Like the minions, they are have little self-control and amuse others with their acts. Instead of the candidates being yellow, they are red. Unlike the minions, they do not like bananas; they like money. They are so many similarities, yet the are different. I think the color of their skin should not define what species is better. We might never know; the minions might be able to run the world better than the actual candidates. Go minions!


  2. Haha So, i don’t really follow politics, but i feel like this picture very much describes our current elections. Everyday on Facebook and twitter, i see something about a tweet or a social media post one of these presidential candidates post about the other, either making fun of them or cyber bullying them. I mean like seriously, you’re a presidential candidate. A mean tweet or a post shouldn’t get you angry, nor should you post something back in response… There like the minions in Despicable Me


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